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How to Properly Clean a Baby Nasal Bulb Syringe

As with all items that are in contact wit you baby it is important to clean a nasal bulb syringe. Baby nasal bulb syringes are a crucial role in relieving your child’s stuffed noses and keeping their noses free from mucus. Because of the mucus they store, it is important to clean the aspirator after each use. This will prevent buildup and the spread of any bacteria. Nasal bulb syriges hold the mucus in the bottom of the instrument, so cleaning after every use should be part of your routine. It will also keep your nasal syringe in working condition so you won’t have to replace it. Be sure to wash both the inside and the outside well.

1- Fill a bowl with warm, soapy water. A mild liquid dish washing soap works well (don’t use antibacterial).
2- With clean hands, blend the soap and water together.
3- Submerge the bulb syringe in the water and let it soak. To make sure the inside is clean, place the tip of the syringe in the water.
4- Squeeze the bulb and let it re-inflate to suction some of the warm, soapy water.
5- Shake the soapy water inside of the bulb syringe before squeezing it out.
6- Repeat this several times until the aspirator is completely clean.
7- Then empty the bowl, rinse it clean, and refill the bowl with hot water. Repeat the same steps a few times with plain hot water to rinse well.
8- Allow the aspirator to air dry standing up with the tip down.

It is especially important to sterilize your Nasal Bulb Syringe before you store it away. When your child’s health improves and you’re ready to put it away for a while, take the extra time to kill any bacteria that may spread to other items in your storage places. To sterilize your aspirator, place it in warm water at 100°F for 8-10 minutes. Then turn off the heat and allow the water to cool. Once the water is cool, remove the aspirator and rinse it with rubbing alcohol. Again, allow it to air dry before storing.

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